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Archaeology glossary is a comprehensive guide which provides meanings of popular terminology used in archaeology. It is particularly a valuable source for the people who term themselves as beginners in the field of archaeology.

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cache   a deliberate store of equipment food furs or other resources placed in on the ground perhaps protected by rock cairn raised above platform A group artifacts deposited same safe place usually type lithic origin
Cacicazgo   A term the Spanish adopted from Caribbean to describe Chiefdoms they found their during inital late Fifteenth Century explorations of Greater and lesser Antilles was later expanded include city-states North American mainland
cadastre (cadaster)   A public record of the extent value and ownership land within a district for purposes taxation
Caddo   A shortened form of the tribal name Cadohadacho, referring to three main Native American tribal groups spread along wide fertile prairies bordering the great bend in the Red River. The three cultures are- the Cadohadacho and the Natchitoches along the Red River, and the Hasinai along the banks of the upper Neches and Angelina Rivers in East Texas. Each tribe within these three regional groupings had an individual identity and was independently governed, but all had a common language, followed th
Caddoan   A family of North American Indian languages spoken in the upper Missouri Valley Dakota Platte Nebraska southwestern Arkansas and neighboring parts Oklahoma Texas Louisiana
Caddoan Culture Area   The geographical region that encompasses eastern Oklahoma southwestern Arkansas western Louisiana and Texas which was the homeland of Native American Caddo people
caecilians   Wormlike almost blind tropical amphibians of the order Apoda
cairn   stones intentionally piled by humans
calcareous   Of containing or like calcite calcium carbonate
calcareous concretions   A rounded mass of mineral matter occurring in sand stone clay etc often concentric layers around a nucleus
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