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Archaeology glossary is a comprehensive guide which provides meanings of popular terminology used in archaeology. It is particularly a valuable source for the people who term themselves as beginners in the field of archaeology.

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Dart   A projectile point hafted to a shaft that utilized throwing stick or atlatl blowgun
Dart Point   A flaked projectile point designed for use as a tip throwing stick dart
datum   a fixed reference point on an archaeological site from which measurements are taken
datum plane   an arbitrary or imaginary horizontal surface surveyed over a site from which vertical measurements are taken
daub   Clay used to fill in the holes and gaps between wood or thatching of a wall It was by both Indians European settlers North America construct houses
debitage   Debris that remains from the manufacturing of stone tools by-products or waste materials left over manufacture
deduction   a process of reasoning by which more specific consequences are inferred rigorous argument from general propositions cf induction
deductive nomological (D-N) explanation   a formal method of based on the testing hypotheses derived from general laws
deep-sea cores   drilled from the sea bed that provide most coherent record of climate changes on a worldwide scale The contain shells microscopic marine organisms foraminifera laid down ocean floor through continuous process sedimentation Variations in ratio two oxygen isotopes calcium carbonate these give sensitive indicator temperature at time were alive
deity   a god
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