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Archaeology glossary is a comprehensive guide which provides meanings of popular terminology used in archaeology. It is particularly a valuable source for the people who term themselves as beginners in the field of archaeology.

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B C   A year some time Before the birth of Christ The Pre Christian Era
B.P   quot Before Present the notation commonly used on radiocarbon dates e g years before A D or approximately Where present is define as year Therefore would be and C
back-dirt   the excavated matrix or fill of a site Presumed to be little no further archaeological significance
back-filling   the process of refilling a completed excavation
band   a small territorially-based social group consisting of or more nuclear families A loosely integrated population sharing sense common identity but few specialized institutions
Bannerstone   a stone that was attached to an atl-atl in order make it more effective weapon by adding weight and balance A presumed be Atlatl with drilled centered hole or grove The bannerstone could ceremonial object remains problematical artifact Certain bannerstones are so large elaborate their design size totally precludes them from being used effectively as atlatl thus considered objects
barb   a sharp backwards extension of projectile point intended to act as hook keep the within wound A protrusion blade stemmed or notched types at proximal corners There are major barbs Expanded which means flaring outward and upwards towards distal end Horizontal degrees stem Inversely Tapered pointing downward getting thinner Rounded outline is semi-circular Struck knocked off minimized in an angle tip
barremian   European stage of the Lower Cretaceous spanning time between and million years ago
barrow   a large mound of earth or stones placed over burial The term is especially used in reference to the mounds England
Basal Edge   The proximal edge of a triangular or lanceolate projectile stem stemmed type There are eight major types Edges Convex Straight Concave Auriculate Lobbed Bifurcated Fractured and Snapped
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