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Archaeology glossary is a comprehensive guide which provides meanings of popular terminology used in archaeology. It is particularly a valuable source for the people who term themselves as beginners in the field of archaeology.

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genes   the basic units of inheritance now known to be governed by specific sequence genetic markers within DNA individual concerned
geochemical analysis   the investigatory technique which involves taking soil samples at regular intervals from surface of a site and measuring their phosphate content other chemical properties
geochemistry   The science that deals with chemical changes in and composition of the earth's crust
geochronology   aging of artifacts based on the age geological formations in which they are located
geographic coordinates   the world-wide system of latitude and longitude used to define location any point on earth's surface
geography   The study of the earth's surface and its contours
geologic time   The period of extending from the formation earth to present
geologic time scale   An arbitrary chronologic sequence of events used as a measure the age any part usually presented in form chart showing names various rock-stratigraphic time-stratigraphic or geologic-time units
geologist   A person who studies the history of earth and its life especially as recorded in rocks
geology   Study of the minerals and rocks which make up crust earth
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