Region of Study
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A selective list of sub-disciplines distinguished by region of study is given below.

  • African Archaeology African Archaeology
  • American archaeology American archaeology
  • Australian archaeology Australian archaeology
  • European archaeology European archaeology
  • Medieval archaeology Medival archaeology
  • Near easter archaeology Near Eastern archaeology
  • Post Medieval archaeology Post Medival archaeology

African archaeology, Archaeology of the Americas, Australian archaeology, European archaeology: focuses on archaeologic study concerning the location of the findings.
Industrial archaeology focuses on the preservation of material relics of the Industrial Revolution or the archaeology of work.
Near Eastern archaeology (sometimes known as Middle Eastern archaeology). See also Biblical archaeology, which applies the results of Near Eastern archaeology to the study of the Bible.
Medieval archaeology is the study of post-Roman European archaeology until the sixteenth century.
Post-medieval archaeology is the study of material culture in Europe from the 16th century onwards.
Modern archaeology is the study of modern society using archaeological methods, e.g. the Tucson Garbage Project.
Historical archaeology is the study of the past using both material evidence (i.e. artifacts and their contexts) and documentary evidence (including maps, photographs and film).