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Archaeology glossary is a comprehensive guide which provides meanings of popular terminology used in archaeology. It is particularly a valuable source for the people who term themselves as beginners in the field of archaeology.

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Valanginian   European stage of the Lower Cretaceous spanning time between and million years ago
Variant   A term used in projectile typology to describe a variation of type
varves   fine layers of alluvium sediment deposited in glacial lakes. Their annual deposition makes them a useful source dating
Vein Quartz   A relatively pure type of quartz which is found in veins areas igneous rocks
Vendian   The latest period of the Proterozoic era, spanning the time between 650 and 544 million years ago. Sometimes referred to as the Ediacaran period, the Vendian is distinguished by fossils representing a characteristic collection of complex soft-bodied organisms found at several localities around the world.
ventral   the front or bottom side of an animal artifact
Venus figurines   small Upper Paleolithic statues characterized by exaggerated breasts and buttocks very stylized heads hands feet
vertical angle   in mapping the of sight measured on plane
vertical circle   with major surveying instruments the graduated table around which sighting telescope rotates used to measure angle
vertical datum   a base measurement point from which all elevations are determined
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