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27 tombs exposed in Valley of Dead, Italy

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Recently researchers found about 2,000 years old Etruscan Tombs at Tarquinia in Italy’s valley of Dead. They discovered about 27 tombs in that place and all these tombs were dating back to the 7th century BC. Archaeologists are still excavating the place and it is expected that few other tombs were still there to be […]

Oil Paintings in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan Valley

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As per the study of team of Japanese, European and US scientist, old oil paintings has been found in the caves of Afghanistan’s Bamiyan valley. It was the oldest oil painting dating from 650 AD. It was famous for the 1,500 year old massive Buddha statues which were destroyed by Taliban in 2001 and most […]

4000 years old Jewelry

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A group of researchers found an earliest gold Jewelry made in Americas has discovered in Peru. This gold jewelry is nearly 4,000 years old, which was found in the interment site near the Lake Titicaca. Researchers guessed that, in the past these society people were much interested to produce agriculture superfluous and also in making […]

Powerful X-Ray found to Read Dead Sea Scrolls

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Scientists are now using powerful x-rays to read the ancient writings from Dead Sea Scrolls. This is done for the first time by scientific team Cardiff University, Wales. This effective team will examine unusual and unread fragments of those scrolls that are actually believed to shed light on how the texts appear to be written […]

Ancient Seaweed at Monte Verde

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The ancient seaweed found in Monte Verde has been used to research the earliest humans resides in America. The researchers examined the seaweed found on Monte Verde which ages more than 14,000 years ago and 1,000 years earlier than the well studied Clovis culture. As per the report, the scientist declared that they have been […]