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Top Archaeological Discoveries of 2014

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It’s been a mesmerizing year for archaeology around the globe, Ever since the innovation of the biggest known Greek tomb was announced in August, The Amphipolis tomb, which dates to the time of Alexander the Great, is a prime example of how archaeology can fascinate the public imagination. Equally inspiring was the discovery, after decades […]

Old Stone Tool discovered in Turkey is 1.2 million years old

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Archaeologists have set up a Paleolithic stone flake in the ancient deposits of the Gediz River, revealing that human ancestors passed through the gateway from Asia to Europe much earlier than previously thought. Although Paleolithic stone tools have been established in western Turkey before, few have been associated with geological deposits of known age. As […]

Amazing Mosaics discovered in Ancient City of Zeugma

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An international team of archaeologists has unearthed three 2,200-year-old, well-preserved glass mosaics at the site of the olden city of Zeugma in Turkey. The incredibly well preserved mosaics date back to the 2nd century BC, but they’re still as gorgeous as the first day. The olden city of Zeugma, also known as Seleukia-on-the-Euphrates, is located […]

Ancient Egyptian Cemetery with One Million mummified bodies found

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American archaeologists are excavating a graveyard in Egypt that could enclose over a million mummified bodies. The leftovers of more than 1,700 people have already been unearthed in the graveyard, which is known as Fag el-Gamous and is located about 96 kilometers south of Cairo in the Faiyum region. Judging by the density of the […]

2,000-year-old Palace Entryway to Herod’s hilltop palace discovered

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Hebrew University of Jerusalem archaeologists have exposed a huge and sophisticated entryway to the Herodian Hilltop Palace at Herodium National Park in Judea, south of Jerusalem. The recently discovered entryway is amazing in that it features a complex system of arches on three separate levels, allowing the King and his entourage to directly enter the […]