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A newly discovered Temple to render traces of Indonesia’s past

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Archaeologists in Indonesia have revealed a 1,000-year-old temple that could provide more information on the country’s Hindu past. The intricately engraved statues and reliefs are some of the best conserved in Indonesia, but the dig is being carried out under tight security to shield the site from well-organized artifact thieves. The temple was found on […]

The Tomb Of legendary general Cao Cao discoved by archaeologists In central China

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The tomb of a well-known warlord and politician in the third century, Cao Cao was discovered in Anyang City of central China’s Henan region, said the archaeologists on Sunday. Cao Cao (155-220 A.D.), who built the strongest and most victorious state during the Three Kingdom period (208-280 A.D.), is remembered for his terrific military and […]