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Archaeologists discovered one of Britain’s main medieval graveyards

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Archaeologists found the human remains during a dig beneath an old school building at Cambridge University – one of England’s oldest and most impressive universities. Images from the dig, viewing almost fully preserved medieval bodies unearthed after centuries of burial, were released for the first time yesterday, in a report published by the Archaeological Journal. […]

Ancient Cauldron Discovered Inside The Tomb Of Celtic Prince In France

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France’s National Archaeological Research Institute discovered an ancient grave site, from probably that of an Iron Age Celtic prince, which may lead to the trade between some of Europe’s earliest civilizations. Since October last year a team from the institute has been excavating the site, and have dated it to the end of the First […]

Archaeologists found a strange mystery coffin near King Richard III’s grave

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Archaeologists found a strange lead coffin close to King Richard III’s grave beneath a parking lot in Leicester, England, enclosed the skeleton of an elderly woman. The Featuring an inlaid crucifix, cautiously soldered on all sides but with feet sticking out of the bottom, the lead coffin was found inside a larger limestone sarcophagus. The […]

Ancient Greek Tomb found with Remains of five People

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Archaeologists found a huge tomb built in the time of Alexander the Great in Greece contains the ancient remains of five people. Including a woman aged over 60, a child baby, two men aged between 35 and 45 and another grown person of indeterminate age. The bones of one of the men bore cut marks […]

Chinese archaeologists find 2,800-year old funeral of chariots and horses

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A team of Chinese archaeologists has unearthed a set of sophisticated tombs surrounded by 28 chariots and 98 horses in the region of Hubei in China. The 2,800-year-old group of tombs, which dates back to the spring and Autumn Period (770 BC-476 BC) is situated in the city of Zaoyang, in the province of Hubei. […]