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The Real Robinson Crusoe –Alexander Selkirk’s Desert Island Campsite for Evidence:

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Cast away on a desert island, surviving on what nature alone can provide, praying for rescue but fearing the sight of a boat on the horizon. These are the imaginative creations of Daniel Defoe in his famous novel Robinson Crusoe. Yet the story is believed to be based on the real-life experience of sailor Alexander […]

Plan to give Europe to Nazis revealed in secret files:

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A BRITISH amateur diplomat tried to stop World War II by offering Nazi Germany rule over Europe if the British Empire could rule the rest of the world, according to secret files declassified today. James Lonsdale-Bryans, a well-educated fascist sympathiser, flew to Rome in the early days of the war to try to negotiate the […]

Asia-Pacific Undersea treasure chest stirs up tensions :

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, recently recovered from the bottom of the South China Sea, is threatening to inflame a diplomatic row over an area believed to be rich in oil. Divers working for the French oil company Elf, stumbled across the wreck of a 15th Century Chinese galleon containing a hoard of priceless porcelain and ceramic pieces. The […]

Clues to Medieval Archaeology vigour:

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A few tantalising pieces of evidence for why Manchester came to dominate North-West England in the industrial age, an event long regarded as something of a mystery, have been pieced together as a result of recent archaeological and historical work in the city. Traditionally Manchester was thought to have developed only from about 1750, having […]

Tutankhamen Fathered Twins, Mummified Fetuses Suggest:

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Robert Connolly, who is working with the Egyptian authorities to remains of Tutankhamen and the two stillborn children, will discuss the new findings at the Pharmacy and Medicine in Ancient Egypt Conference at The University of Manchester on September 1, 2008. Mr Connolly says: “The work carried out by Catherine Hellier in Norway and I […]