Yeshiva University Museum
Museum type :
Teaching museum

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Visiting Hours :
11:00Am to 5:00Pm

Contact No :
+1 212-294-8330

Location :
New York , United States

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The Yeshiva University Museum is a teaching museum and the cultural arm of Yeshiva University.

Its mission is to celebrate the culturally diverse intellectual and artistic achievements of 3,000 years of Jewish experience.

Description :

  • The museum aims to provide a window into Jewish culture around the world and throughout history through multi-disciplinary exhibitions and publications.

  • Following the retirement of Sylvia A. Herskowitz, Dr. Jacob Wisse was appointed the museums director on February 26, 2009.

  • The museums collection of more than 8,000 artifacts includes fine and folk art, ethnographic and archaeological artifacts, clothing and textiles, Jewish ceremonial art objects, documents, books, and manuscripts.

  • The museum consists of four galleries, an exhibition arcade, an outdoor sculpture garden, a docent lounge, a childrens workshop room, and a suite of offices.

  • The museum produces two types of exhibitions, usually shown concurrently: one examining a Jewish community or historic event, and the other featuring contemporary artists working on Jewish themes.