Yamatane Museum
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Art Museum

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Visiting Hours :
10:00 to 17:00

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Location :
Tokyo , Japan

Display Objects :

The collection mainly focuses on Kindai Nihonga (Modern Japanese paintings after Meiji era).

The Museum also has collections of oil paintings, Ukiyoe, and Ancient Japanese Calligraphy.

The wide variety and the level of the collection has a very high reputation among experts in Japan.

Description :

  • Yamatane Museum of Art was founded in 1966 by Taneji Yamazaki who has donated his numerous collection of Japanese art.

  • The ex-chairman of the Yamatane Art Foundation, Tomiji Yamazaki collected 104 works of Hayami Gyoshu known as one of the most respected Japanese artists among scholars and collectors.

  • The Museum displays 6 to 7 exhibitions throughout the year by selecting paintings according to the respective topics.

  • Their main goal, as a vital center for communicating information about Japanese culture both within Japan and internationally, is to contribute to the advancement of scholarship and to society through exhibitions backed by systematic and steady research.