Varendra Museum
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10:30 am to 4:30 pm

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Rajshahi , Bangladesh

Display Objects :

Gallery One has collections from the Indus Valley Civilization, and some of its 265 items from Sompur. It also contains old Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian scripts.

Gallery Two has Buddhist and Hindu stone sculptures and modern wood sculptures.

Gallery Three and Gallery Four display stone sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses.

Gallery Five offers mostly Buddhist sculpture.

Gallery Six shows Arabic,Persian, Sanskrit and old Bangla stone inscriptions and sculptured stones of the Muslim period.

A recent gallery has been added displaying the indigenous and tribal culture of Rajshahi region.

Description :

  • Varendra Museum is a museum, research center and popular visitor attraction located at the heart of Rajshahi town and maintained by Rajshahi University in Bangladesh.

  • This museum is considered the oldest museum in Bangladesh.

  • The predominantly British-style building has some interesting Hindu-Buddhist features, including a trefoil arch over the doorways and windows.

  • This museum has a rich and ancient collection, about three thousands of objects of Paharpur, Mohasthangar and Mohenjodaro and also of 16th to 19th century A.D.