The Susannah Place Museum
Museum type :
Art and History Museum

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Visiting Hours :
Open weekends 10am-5pm

Contact No :
02 9241 1893

Location :
Sydney , Australia

Display Objects :

The Rocks once teemed with working-class Aussies. Built in 1844, their terraces invoke humble glories.

Description :

Built in 1844, Susannah Place Museum is a row of four terraces that incorporates a re-created 1915 corner store. Rare in the city of Sydney, it has a continuous history of domestic occupancy by working class families. Susannah Place Museum provides a rare opportunity to construct patterns of domestic working class life from the mid 1840s to the late 20th century. It is evidence of the richness of community life that existed in The Rocks. The modest interiors and rear yards illustrate the restrictions of 19th century inner city life. Open Saturday - Sunday 10am-5pm by guided tour only, tours depart every half hour. Group bookings are available on request.