The Children Museum of the Arts
Museum type :
Children's Museum

Established in :

Holidays :

Visiting Hours :
Wed noon-7pm,Thurs-Sun noon - 5pm

Contact No :
(212) 941-9198

Location :
Manhattan , United States

Display Objects :

The Museum emphasizes inclusion, with programs geared to integrate special needs children, their families and school into the life of the museum. Magnetic Masterpieces are reproductions of famous artworks, cut into magnetic puzzle pieces, and displayed for children to arrange. These large-format puzzles focus on the three themes of portraiture, landscape, and abstraction, and showcase artists of diverse age, gender, and race.

Description :

The Children's Museum of the Arts is located in Manhattan, New York City, USA, in the museum-rich SoHo neighborhood. It is a museum designed for those from ten months to twelve years old. Founded in 1988 by Kathleen Schneider as an art outreach program; the Children's Museum of the Arts is one of the oldest children's art museums in the world and has been recognized for its collection of international children's art. As is the case with many museums in Manhattan, the Children's Museum of the Arts had a challenge in securing a permanent location, and has had to move on several occasions before settling in its present location.