Sri Rangapatna Museum
Museum type :
Art Museum

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Visiting Hours :
10 A.M. TO 5.00 P.M.

Contact No :
(08236) 52023

Location :
Karnataka , India

Display Objects :

It includes details of SRIRANGAPATNA MUSEUM. The Daria Daulat Bagh, which is an ancient monument of national importance, houses the museum. The museum exhibits confined to the ground floor of the palace and mostly pertaining to Tipu Sultan, consists of oil paintings, pencil sketches, aquatints and engravings, coins and medals, costumes, furniture, arms, etc...

Description :

The storming of Seringapatam an oil painting by Sir Robert Ker Porter in 1800 is one of the great historical paintings depicting the final capture of Srirangapatna on 4th May 1799. Many English officers like General Baird, Sgt. Graham, Col. Dunlop are featured in it. Tipu's men are on the bridge offering stiff resistance. In the back ground behind the fort walls are part of Tipu's palace, the minarets of the mosque and the gopura of the Ranganatha Swami temple. A portrait of Tipu Sultan depicts him wearing a turban, a striped shirt. A necklace, a girth belt and a stone-studded cross belt to which is attached a sword. The artist was G.F. Cherry who painted it in 1792.