Royal Military Museum
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Archaeological Museum

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00-32-(0)2 737 78 33

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Brussels , Belgium

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In 1875, the Belgian architect Gideon Bordiau made a proposal to build flats on the site of ancient plain maneuver Guard civics. The layout of the park is finally set in the suburbs of Etterbeek in 1888. He received at that time the name of Cinquantenaire in remembrance of the success of the Jubilee celebration of Independence Belgian about this place.

Description :

At the exhibition of 1910, a section of military history was presented to the public and met with great success. Given the enthusiasm of the population, the authorities formed a museum of the army within an international context of extreme tension which leads to the Great War. The museum was originally installed on the site of the Abbaye de la Cambre and moved on the Cinquantenaire Park in 1923.It originally consisted of a set of objects collected by the officer Louis Leconte approximately 900 pieces and the collection was later heavily enriched by legacies, gifts and exchanges. Louis Leconte put particular to choose among the equipment abandoned by the Germans in 1918.The north wing built by Gideon Bordiau is occupied by the aviation hall since 1972 when the Air and Space is inaugurated.