Reykjavik Art Museum
Museum type :
Art and Culture Museum

Established in :

Holidays :

Visiting Hours :
10:00Am to 5:00Pm

Contact No :
+354 517 1290

Location :
Kjosarsysla , Iceland

Display Objects :

Reykjavik Art Museum is Icelands largest network of art museums and holds some of the most distinguished works in Icelands artistic landscape.

The museum also houses a newly renovated cafe and design-and-book store.

Description :

  • There are around 20 various exhibitions on show at Reykjavik Art Museum every year but you can always see exhibitions from Kjarval, Erro and Asmundur Sveinsson.

  • The museum exhibits run the gamut from the historical to the disorienting and boundary-pushing, while its special events rang from quiet, contemplative concerts to alternative rock events.

  • With almost 24 hours of daylight during the summer, Reykjavik truly becomes the city that never sleeps, where you can enjoy a number of popular summertime activities including whale-watching, sea-fishing, horse-back-riding and trips to the many natural wonders nearby.

  • In recent years, Reykjavik has become well known for its prolific music and performing arts scene the city is a breeding ground for musical talent and hosts several highly active theatre companies.