Qianling Museum
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Archaeological Museum

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Daily 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Location :
Shaanxi Province, Qian County , China

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On the grounds of the Qianling Tomb, what one mainly sees today are extremely beautiful stone carvings that stand on top of the hill. They are arrayed in a line leading from the' crimson sparrow gate' to the north and mark the 'way of horses and grooms,' the double line of statues leading up to the tombs.

Description :

The Qianling Tomb is where the third Tang-dynasty emperor and his empress were buried together. The third emperor was Li Zhi and his empress was Empress Wu Zetian. This is the most representative among the eighteen Tang-dynasty tombs and the best preserved. It is located on top of Liangshan (Liang Mountain), six kilometers north of Qian County City in Shaanxi Province, around eighty kilometers from Xi an. The scope of the tomb is very large with the precincts of the tomb and gardens totaling an area are 2,400,000 square meters. Originally each pair had stone grooms leading them but now only three remain. Behind the horses are ten pairs of retainers waiting on the emperor. They wear tall crowns and have broad-sleeved long robes that are belted at the waist. Their hands hold daggers and they look forbidding as they guard the tomb. Two stone lions standing before the crimson swallow gate represent the finest works of sculpture at the Qianling Tomb. These are very large and ferocious: with curling fur, protruding eyes, open mouth and sharp teeth; they exhibit all the authority and power of the Tang dynasty.