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Museum type : Art and History Otto-Lilienthal-Museum  
Established in : 1927  
Holidays : None  
Visiting Hours : 10 a.m. to 5 p.m  
Contact No : 49-3971-245500  
Location : Anklam , Germany  
Display Objects :  

The Otto-Lilienthal-Museum in Anklam (Germany) is a museum about the "glider king" Otto Lilienthal, the flight pioneer, as well as a pioneer in technical, social and cultural projects.

Description :  

The museum acquired a large collection of hang gliders and shows models of aircraft, from the time before the first successful flights, represent the early history of aviation and the prehistory of the aircraft. This museum archives contain everything that is known about the first successful glider pilot, essays, documents, including a photo archive, replica and models of all known gliders and aircraft of Lilienthal.

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