Odense City Museums
Museum type :
Archaeological Museum

Established in :

Holidays :
24., 25., 31/12 and 1/1.

Visiting Hours :
10.00 - 16.00

Contact No :
0045 65 51 46 01

Location :
Odense , Denmark

Display Objects :

The completely new museum exhibitions tell of the writer's life, from his childhood years as the son of a poor shoemaker in Odense via the hard times he spent on his way towards realizing his dreams in Copenhagen, his schooling, debut as a writer and career as an author, old age and death. You can follow the writer's acquaintanceships, love life, artistic career and his many journeys.

Description :

The first Museum in Odense opened in 1860 under the name Nordisk Museum located in Odense Palace. During 1885 it moved to a newly erected building, a few hundred meters from Odense Palace, this building today houses the Funen Art Museum, was renamed to Museum Civitatis Othiniensis and came under municipal-administration. In 1904 the name changed to Fyns Stiftsmuseum. During the next many years new museums opened (and closed), got renamed and moved around. Starting in 1997, Odense City Museums has been run as one museum with the formerly independent museums around the city as departments.