Nicholson Museum
Museum type :
Art Museum

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Visiting Hours :
Mon-Fri 10am-4.30pm; Sun 12 noon-4pm

Contact No :
02 9351 2812

Location :
Sydney , Australia

Display Objects :

The Nicholson Museum houses the University of Sydney's collection of antiquities, one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. It is located at the southern entrance to the Quadrangle of the Main Campus of the University of Sydney. Its Victorian reserve is perfect for an exhibition that includes mummified bodies and body parts amongst its 25,000 ancient objects. Haunting and beautiful, the Nicholson holds Australia's largest collection of antiques and will entice even the most reluctant Indiana.

Description :

The Nicholson Museum was created in 18571 and was originally known as the 'Museum of Antiquities of Sydney University'. From 1888, the collection became known as the 'Nicholson Museum' in honor of its first and greatest benefactor, Sir Charles Nicholson, Provost (Chancellor) of the University from 1854 - 1862.The Museum primarily houses artifacts from the Near East, Egypt, Greece and Rome and forms the research and teaching collection of the University's Department of Archaeology. The Nicholson Museum is freely open to the public most days throughout the year including all weekdays and Sundays.