National Museum of Denmark
Museum type :
History Museum

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Visiting Hours :
10am to 4pm

Contact No :
+45 33 47 33 30

Location :
Copenhagen , Denmark

Display Objects :

The collection in Copenhagen started as the private collection of the king and dates back to 1650.The museum has a large collection from Nias, but only a fraction of this is actually on exhibit. Selected photographs are from the collection of The National Museum of Denmark. The captivating story of a Danish doctor of medicine, who not only brought one of the largest collections of artifacts from Nias to Denmark, but also the daughter of a local chief whom he later married.

Description :

The National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen is Denmark's largest museum of cultural history, comprising the histories of Danish and foreign cultures, alike. The museum's main domicile is a classical 18th century mansion just a stone's throw from Stroget at the center of Copenhagen. The National Museum is the museum for all Denmark, where you can follow the history of the Danes right down to the present day. Here you can find out who the Danes are? At the National museum you can take a journey around the world from Greenland to South America. Additionally, the museum sponsors SILA - The Greenland Research Centre at the National Museum of Denmark to further archaeological and anthropological research in Greenland.