National Museum of China
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Art and Culture

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9:00 AM to 16:30 PM

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86-10-8447 4902

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Beijing , China

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Display of both material and non-material collections and exhibits, it narrates the history created by the ancestors of the Chinese people. The earliest items on display here are the teeth of Yuanmou Man from Yunnan Province, dating back some 1,700,000 years. The most recent are historical artifacts from Xinhai Revolution of 1911. This period is divided in the exhibition into Xia, Shang, Western Zhou, and spring and autumn periods and one that covers all tribes from Xia to spring and autumn.

Description :

The Museum of the Chinese Revolution had been open since 1960 and had its origins in the Office of the National Museum of the Revolution, founded in 1950. The National Museum of Chinese History opened its doors in 1959 and had its origins in the Beijing National History Museum, founded in 1949, and the prior Preliminary Office of the National History Museum from 1912.The Shang period was a glorious time of Chinese bronze development. Craftsmen were able to cast very complex shapes and to create highly refined and beautiful inscriptions and ornamentation. The heaviest bronze piece discovered to date is on exhibit here; called the 'Simuwu Ding,' which weighs 832.84 kilograms. A four-ram 'zun and other representative Shang dynasty bronzes are on display. In addition to bronzes, the manufacture of ceramics, lacquer-making, weaving, jade carving and so on also achieved a certain level of accomplishment. The new museum is currently undergoing expansion. It has extremely rich collections and the excellence of its exhibits and depth of its research are second to none.