National Academy Museum
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Holidays :
Monday and Tuesday

Visiting Hours :
Wed-Sun 12pm-5pm,Fri 10am-6pm

Contact No :
(212) 369-4880

Location :
New York City , United States

Display Objects :

The Academy houses one of the largest public collections of nineteenth- and twentieth-century American art in the country. The Rights and Reproductions Department handles photographic requests for images in the National Academy's permanent collection for scholarly use; for reproduction in written publications such as exhibition catalogues, books and articles; for commercial products such as calendars, cards and posters.

Description :

The National Academy of Design, in New York City, now called simply, The National Academy, is an honorary association of American artists, with a museum and a school of fine arts. It has had several homes over the years. Since 1942 the academy has occupied a mansion that was the former home of sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington and Archer Milton Huntington at Fifth Avenue and Eighty-Ninth Street. The original founders of the National Academy of Design were students of the American Academy of Fine Arts. However, by 1825 the students of the Academy felt a lack of support for teaching from the Academy, its board composed of merchants, lawyers, and physicians, and from its unsympathetic president.