National Museum of Science and Technology
Museum type :
Culture and History

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Holidays :
Sat &Sunday

Visiting Hours :
Monday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm

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Location :
Dhaka , Bangladesh

Display Objects :

The museum preserves natural exhibits and the innovative work of the local scientists and encourages the young scientists to carry out innovative work, displays exhibits showing the history of scientific and technological advancement of human society, and creates a scientifically educated citizenry.

Description :

National Museum of Science and Technology established at dhaka in 1966 by a resolution of the ministry of education of the government of Pakistan dated 26 April 1965. It started functioning in September 1966 at the Dhaka Public Library building and the curator of Dhaka Museum was its first officer in charge. The museum provides science education to visitors through galleries with static and working exhibits, models, charts, diagrams, animated posters etc. It has three divisions, one each for technology, physical science and biological science. The exhibits provide information about experiments and inventions in the fields of electricity, heat, light, magnetism, sound, communication, and motion, force and energy. They also include different kinds of rocks and minerals, pictorial records of man's journey to space, a diorama of dinosaurs and a pictorial representation of various animals living in different depths of sea.