Museum of Sydney
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Holidays :
Govt Holiday

Visiting Hours :
Daily 9.30am-5pm

Contact No :
02 8239 2211

Location :
Sydney , Australia

Display Objects :

Smack bang on top of the foundations of Australia's first Government House, the MOS is a celebration of the city's past, present and future. With video walls, poetry, storylines and panoramas out onto the city we know and love this is exhibiting gone C21st!

Description :

  • The Museum of Sydney is built on the ruins of the house of New South Wales first Governor, Arthur Phillip on the present-day corner of Phillip and Bridge Streets, Sydney.

  • The original house, which was Australia first Government House, was built in 1788 and exposed by archaeologists in 1983.

  • The museum, was built as part of the Governor Phillip Tower development.

  • The Museum of Sydney explores colonial and contemporary Sydney through objects, pictures and new digital media techniques.

  • Panoramic views of Sydney - from 1788 until today - stretch across walls and video screens.

  • Sydney's convict era is explored in a giant showcase of goods and chattels recovered from more than 25 archaeological digs.