Museum of Oxford
Museum type :
Archaeological Museum

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Visiting Hours :
Tues-Fri 10-5, Sat & Sun 12-5

Contact No :
01865 252 761

Location :
Oxfordshire, England , United Kingdom

Display Objects :

It covers 2000 years of Oxford history, archaeology, and architecture, including extensive exhibits on the University.

Description :

  • Explore the wonders of Oxford long history at the Museum of Oxford.

  • Before the first student took his first lesson at the University, saints walked here, kings were crowned here and parliaments debated here.

  • Discover the city earliest residents, medieval crafts, Civil War stories, Oxford famous literary connections and the growth of the modern city.

  • The story of Oxford is vividly brought to life through original artifacts, college treasures and room settings.

  • Travel through the city past with our film presentation, narrated by Time Team Tony Robinson.

  • The museum is housed in Oxford historic Town Hall building.

  • The main entrance and lower gallery are accessed by steps.

  • We are delighted to offer alternative arrangements, please contact the museum for more information.