Mercedes-Benz Museum
Museum type :
Art and Civilization Museum

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Visiting Hours :
Tues - Sun 9am-6pm

Contact No :
+49 711 17 2 25 78

Location :
Stuttgart , Germany

Display Objects :

The building height and double helix interior were designed to maximize space, providing 16,500 square meters of exhibition space on a footprint of just 4,800 square meters. The museum contains more than 160 vehicles, some dating back to the very earliest days of the motor engine.

Description :

  • The Mercedes-Benz Museum is an automotive museum housed in Stuttgart, Germany.

  • Stuttgart is home to the Mercedes-Benz brand and the international headquarters of Daimler AG.

  • The building, which stands directly outside the main gate of the Daimler factory in Stuttgart-Unterturkheim, was designed by UN Studio.

  • It is based on a unique cloverleaf concept using three overlapping circles with the centre removed to form a triangular atrium.

  • The museum was completed and opened in 2006.