Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum
Museum type :
Archaeology and History Museum

Established in :

Holidays :
2nd and 4th Holiday

Visiting Hours :
9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m

Contact No :
+91-22-2380 5864

Location :
Mumbai , India

Display Objects :

Mumbai and its inhabitants have played a very prominent part in India's unique struggle for freedom. Perhaps Mani Bhavan is the only place besides the Sabarmati Ashram, where he donned all these dresses in their sequence.

Description :

  • The mansion belonged to Revashankar Jagjeevan Jhaveri and the Mani family prior to that, Gandhi's friend and host in Mumbai during this period.

  • It was from Mani Bhavan that Gandhi initiated the Non-Cooperation, Satyagraha, Swadeshi, Khadi and Khilafat movements.

  • In 1955, the building was taken over by the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi in order to maintain it as a memorial to Gandhi, to his frequent stays, and to the political activities he initiated from there.

  • Mani Bhavan is also closely associated with Gandhi's involvement in the Home Rule Movement, as well as his decision to abstain from drinking cow's milk in order to protest the cruel and inhuman practice of phookan meted out to milch cattle common during that period.