Macao Maritime Museum
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10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m

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Location :
Macao, Mage Street, , China

Display Objects :

The Museum displays on three floors a comprehensive collection of material on Macau's maritime history, as well as numerous ship models and items of fishing equipment.

There are also displays illustrating the development of nautical and meteorological instruments, including a splendid 1897 barometer. A number of dioramas portray important events in the seafaring history of Macau.

Description :

  • The Macao Maritime Museum is located near the Mage Temple on Mage Street in Macao.

  • It was established and opened to the public in 1990 and is a specialized museum focusing on maritime relations.

  • The Museum currently has around 2,000 objects in its collection.

  • These introduce the boats in which Portuguese came to Macao in the early period, as well as traditional Chinese ships and equipment.

  • Included are also navigation tools used in Macao today.

  • Exhibitions are divided into the fishing industry, Portuguese and Chinese discoveries, technology, and transport.

  • The fishing section introduces fishing equipment and fish-cultivation technology.