Liberation War Museum
Museum type :
Culture and Hisrory

Established in :

Holidays :

Visiting Hours :
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Contact No :
+88-02-955 9091

Location :
Dhaka , Bangladesh

Display Objects :

Liberation War Museum a holding for collection, preservation and display of the objects, artifacts and all other materials related to the war of liberation.

The museum in collaboration with eight other similar museums of the world formed an International Coalition of Historic Site Museums of Conscience. Up to 22 March 2002, about 216,000 people have visited the museum. The number of collectibles at the museum exceeds 10,000.

Description :

  • The museum was established at the initiative of some community leaders to meet a historical requirement for preserving the memory and relics of the War of Liberation.

  • It is a people's museum established by community workers.

  • The museum started to operate as an Endeavour to maintain records of the historic events of liberation struggle in an objective and authentic way.

  • Responding to the initiative, many people came forward to donate mementoes, as well as provide other supports including funding assistance to it.

  • It has a board of trustees. More than 10,000 collectibles and exhibits are displayed in the museum or stored in its archives.