Kruger House
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Mon to Fri: 08h30-17h30,Sat&Sun:08h30-17h00

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+27 (0)12 326-9172

Location :
Pretoria , South Africa

Display Objects :

    The museum contains many important pieces, such as:

  • The table at which many famous people had talks during the years, for example John X Merriman, Cecil John Rhodes, M T Steyn, Henry Stanley, Mark Twain and many others

  • Satuettes presented to Kruger by the scholars of the schools in Charlemagne, France

  • A bronze-gilded eagle: given after the failure of the Jameson raid by a group of Irish-Americans (from Chicago) under Colonel Blake

  • indispensable spittoons

  • The harmonium used by the family during their devotions

  • the wrought-iron heater

  • The oil painting of Kruger by Adamson

Description :

  • Kruger House is the historical Pretoria residence of the Boer leader and President of the South African Republic, Paul Kruger.

  • It was built in 1884 by architect Tom Claridge and builder Charles Clark. Milk was used, instead of water, for mixing the cement from which the house was constructed, as the cement available was of poor quality.

  • Another interesting feature of the house is two stone lions on the verandah that were presented to President Kruger as a birthday gift on 10 October 1896 by the mining magnate Barney Barnato.

  • The Kruger House is now a house museum that tries to recreate the ambience of the period that Kruger lived in.