Jordan Archaeological Museum
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Visiting Hours :
Sat-Thu 9am-5pm;
Fri & public holidays 10am-6pm (open later in summer).

Contact No :
(962) 6 541 1392

Location :
, Jordan

Display Objects :

The museum houses artifacts from all the archaeological sites in the country. The collection is arranged in chronological order and represents ancient items of daily life such as pottery, glass, flint and metal tools, as well as monumental materials such as inscriptions and statuaries. The museum also houses several jewellery inscription statuary and coin collections.

Description :

  • The Jordan Archeological Museum boasts an excellent collection of antiquities ranging from prehistoric times to the 15th century, including an exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls and four Iron Age anthropo-morphic coffins.

  • In Graeco-Roman times, Amman was known as Philadelphia, it was named after the Roman emperor Philadelphus. Prior to that it was known as Rabbath-Ammon.

  • The Jordan Museum fulfills a dual role as a repository of knowledge and a centre for education, allowing it to help link Jordan with other cultures, and connecting communities within Jordan for thoughtful dialogues to help meet future challenges.