Museum type :
Archaeology and History Museum

Established in :
1810 and 1830

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Location :
Boussu , Belgium

Display Objects :

The museum consists of the industrial mining complex, the workers' estate and the managers' living accommodations. The Grand-Hornu is recognized as exceptional heritage of Wallonia and participates actively to international preservation programmes. The historical visit is completed by temporary exhibitions on design, applied arts (in the renovated rooms), and contemporary art (at the museum that is open since 2002). This site combines past and future.

Description :

  • Grand-Hornu was founded in 1810 by Henri De Gorge, a French industrialist, and is a unique example on the continent of functional town planning at the beginning of the great age of industrialisation.

  • It is a genuine town project comprising the industrial mining complex, workers housing estate and the directors' luxury residential development.

  • At the heart of this region, better known by the name of Borinage, lies the site of the impressive architectural development of Grand-Hornu.

  • Built in the neoclassical style, this unparalleled set of buildings is now owned by the Province of Hainaut.