Goulandris Museum
Museum type :
Art and Culture

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Visiting Hours :
9am-2pm Sat-Thu

Contact No :
+30 22820-22444

Location :
Athens , Greece

Display Objects :

Museum includes large collections of insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, shells, rocks, minerals and fossils, from the rich natural wildlife of the Greek territory. The botanical collections number over 200.000 species of plants, among which there are 145 newly-discovered ones, which have been recorded thanks to the Museum's research.

Description :

  • The Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art is one of the great museums of Athens.

  • It houses a magnificent collection of artifacts of Cycladic art.

  • An example of the collection: Cycladic female figurine, Canonical type, early work of the Spedos variety.

  • The museum was founded in 1986 in order to house the collection of Cycladic and Ancient Greek art belonging to Nicholas and Dolly Goulandris.

  • Starting in the early 1960s, the couple collected Greek antiquities, with special interest in the prehistoric art from the Cyclades islands of the Aegean Sea.

  • The Numismatic Museum is housed in the mansion of Heinrich Schliemann, the renowned excavator of Troy. It is also known as Iliou Melathron, and was built in 1881.

  • Ernst Ziller was the designer; he was responsible for many other fine buildings in Athens.

  • The Museum main building, erected in the centre of Athens in 1985, was designed by the Greek architect Ioannis Vikelas.

  • In 1991, the Museum acquired a new wing, the magnificent neo-classical Stathatos Mansion at the corner of Vassilissis Sofias Avenue and Herodotou Street.