Gold Museum
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Established in :

Holidays :
Monthly 1 Friday

Visiting Hours :
8.30 am - 5.45 pm

Contact No :
(571) 3432221

Location :
Bogota , Colombia

Display Objects :

In 1939 the Bank of the Republic began helping to protect the archaeological patrimony of Colombia. The object known as Poporo Quimbaya was the first one in a collection. It has been on exhibition for 65 years.

Description :

  • The Gold Museum (from the Spanish El Museo del Oro) is a museum located in Bogota, Colombia.

  • The museum houses the famous Muisca's golden raft found in Pasca, Colombia, that represents the El Dorado ceremony.

  • The heir to the chieftaincy assumed power with a great offering to the gods.

  • In this representation he is seen standing at the centre of a raft, surrounded by the principal chieftains, all of them adorned with gold and feathers.

  • The museum has a collection of 50,000 pieces. On the first floor is the museum's main entrance, the shop and a restaurant, The Gold Museum Restaurant and Cafe.

  • The exposition continues on the third floor, with The Flying Chamanic and The Offering.

  • The first shows the process of Chaman's Ceremony with its different gold pieces, the second is divided into three parts; the Offering Room, the Offering Boat and the Lake.

  • At the end of the exposition there's a Profunditation Room with artistic videos about the most important gold pieces of the museum.