Frissiras Museum
Museum type :
Art and Culture

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Visiting Hours :
We, Th 11:00-19:00. Fr, Sa, Su 11:00-17:00

Contact No :
+(30) 210-3234678

Location :
Plaka Athens , Greece

Display Objects :

The collections comprise sections of paintings, drawings, sculptures and engravings by major European artists in constructive dialogue with their Greek counterparts, and attempt to trace the trends and record the figures of the anthropocentric European painting after World War II.

Description :

  • Frissiras Museum supports the European Painting and aims at promoting and presentation new artists and movements.

  • The museums, in its parallel presentation of foreign and Greek artists propose a fertile dialogue of juxtaposition of ideas and promotion of culture.

  • In a period that likes to calls itself the Era of Images, the images themselves seem to have lost their ancient symbolic meaning as well as their credibility.

  • This series of six seminars attempts to look closely at the changes the visual phenomenon has suffered in the past few years, together with its subsidiary forms.

  • Today the Frissiras collection has 3,500 works of anthropocentric painting, including such important names as Peter Blake, Frank Auerbach, David Hockney, Paola Rego, Jean Rustin, Pat Andrea, Valerio Adami, Leo Golub, Dado, Mimo Paladino, Antonio Segui, and Sam Szafran.

  • Visitors can thus come across a wide range of versions of the human body, from faithful representation to deconstruction through the aspects of tragedy and comedy, the real and the surreal, the sober and the sarcastic, protestation and submission, demand and resignation.