Eyam Museum
Museum type :
Art and Culture

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Visiting Hours :
Tues-Sun 10.00-16.30

Contact No :
01433 631 371

Location :
Derbyshire, England , United Kingdom

Display Objects :

Eyam's small museum tells the story of the village and the plague which decimated its inhabitants in 1665.

Description :

  • The Museum tells the story of the development of a community from prehistoric to modern times.

  • Eyam attracts attention due to the tragic epidemic of Bubonic Plague in the middle of the 17th century, its subsequent social and industrial development, and its fascinating geology and prehistory.

  • It is worth building on the story of human disaster during the Plague, to learn more about the relationship of men and women to each other and to their environment through the ages.

  • That is what our museum aims to do. The entrance lobby shows some of the earliest evidence of human life in the area, explains the name "Eyam" (place between streams), and describes the geological structure that promoted a supply of water and mineral deposits.

  • The story of plague begins in the main room. A pictorial description of events in London in 1665 is to be seen on the left of the entrance to the main room.

  • It contains details of the reactions of the population to the ravages of the disease, and merits close inspection. It was painted exclusively for Eyam Museum by a local artist.