Egyptian Railway Museum
Museum type :
History Museum

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Visiting Hours :
8.30am-1pm Tue-Sun

Contact No :
+20 2 576 3793

Location :
Alexandria , Egypt

Display Objects :

The museum contains more than seven hundred pieces of models in addition to a collection of statistical documents and maps that demonstrate the development of transportation through the last decades.

Therefore, the Railway Museum is considered the most important institute to collect information about transportation in the Middle East.

Description :

  • Transportation before steam engines section: This section demonstrates the evolution of transportation from the period of the pharaohs until the invention of steam engines. It has interesting models of the ancient boats that the pharaohs used. This is besides other models and pictures of wooden horse wagons that the pharaohs used in transportation and in the army as well. Ancient gadgets that were vital for the pharaohs are also displayed to show how civilized these people were.

  • The trains section: The second section is the train section, which is considered the most important in the museum. It shows the development of trains from the first ever built wagon till the modern trains that we use in the present time.

  • The stations sections: Includes many models of train stations all over Egypt.

  • The bridges section: It contains models of all railway bridges all over Egypt

  • The airplane section: This section gives a brief history of the development of airplanes from Wright till the present day. The section contains information about the airplane motors as well