Ditchling Museum
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Art Museum

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Ditchling, East Sussex, England , United Kingdom

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A museum includes social history, arts and crafts in the Ditchling area. Ditchling has a long history as a popular centre for arts, with many successful artists settling in the area.

The museum has permanent exhibitions showcasing the work of many artists who lived and worked in Ditchling.

Description :

  • Ditchling Museum tells the story of a remarkable village and its community of 20th century artists and craftsmen.

  • The founders of the museum were two sisters, Joanna and Hilary Bourne who started life in India and arrived in Ditchling as young girls before the First World War.

  • Ditchling Museum is an independent charitable Trust with two full time members of staff, a committed band of volunteers and a supportive Friends Association.

  • Exhibitions with accompanying programmers of lectures, workshops and childrens activities focus particularly on the art and craft collection.

  • The Schoolmasters garden is planted with traditional plants and flowers and the sensory garden with herbs, both culinary and medicinal.

  • The museum, with its shop and cafe, provides a focus for visitors to the area. Guided walks, pointing out buildings of historic and artistic interest, are offered to groups together with a tour of the museum.