Currency Museum
Museum type :
Culture and Hisrory

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Visiting Hours :
9 am-4 pm

Contact No :
(613) 782-8852

Location :
Ottawa , Canada

Display Objects :

Here, you will find a collection of more than 100,000 pieces on display, including a comprehensive collection of Canadian coins and currency as well as a huge display of foreign and ancient monies, like a three-ton Yap stone thats still usable currency in the Caroline Islands.

Description :

  • In 1959, the Bank of Canada proposed the idea of forming a currency collection to preserve, study, and show the development of money through the ages, with a particular focus on the history of Canadas currency.

  • Within a few short years, several significant collections were transferred to the Bank from various sources.

  • These include the holdings of the Public Archives that housed the Hart collection - Canadas first national collection, which was purchased in 1880 by the Dominion Government, and the collection of the Antiquarian and Numismatic Society of Montreal, Canadas first numismatic society founded in 1862.