Coptic Museum
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Archaeological Museum

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Coptic Cairo , Egypt

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The Coptic Museum contains the world's largest collection of Coptic artifacts and artwork.

Coptic monuments display a rich mixture of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman traditions, thus providing a link between ancient and Islamic Egypt.

The objects are grouped into different mediums, such as stonework, woodwork, metalwork, textiles and manuscripts.

The total number of objects on display is about 15,000 objects.

Description :

  • Morcos Smeika Pasha founded the Coptic Museum in 1910 after raising funds by public subscription.

  • He used his influential position in the Coptic community to acquire many Coptic artifacts from old Coptic houses.

  • The Egyptian government actively supported the initiative, and by 1947 a new wing was added to house a collection that was kept in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

  • The Coptic Museum was renovated in 1983-84 and again in 2005-06.