China Sports Museum
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Sport Museum

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Visiting Hours :
8.30am-4.30pm Tue-Sun

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Location :
Beijing City, Anding Men Wai , China

Display Objects :

It holds seven exhibition halls altogether, that exhibit five main types of objects.

    • The first hall holds the ancient Chinese sports section.

    • The second hall is for China's modern sports from 1840 up to the year 1949, explaining the changes in this period through the use of historical photographs and actual objects.

    • The third, fourth and fifth halls exhibit the sports accomplishments of the People's Republic of China. Using more than 500 objects and more than 500 photographs, this portrays the support of the party and the government for sports enterprises.

Description :

  • The China Sports Museum is located in Beijing on the southeast side of the Olympic Center outside Ending Men.

  • The building is quite extraordinary. It opens out like an octagonal fan, or like a whirlwind that is about to take off, symbolizing the powerful development of Chinese sports.

  • The China Sports Museum is the first specialized museum devoted to collecting, exhibiting, and researching sports culture and sports-culture history.