Children Museum of Bogota
Museum type :
Children's Museum

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Holidays :
Sat &Sunday

Visiting Hours :
Monday to Friday, 10.00 to 17.00

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Location :
Bogota, Colombia , Colombia

Display Objects :

Objects related to science, technology,culture and arts are displayed here.

Description :

  • The Children's Museum of Bogota is a privately managed museum foundation in Bogota, Colombia's capital city (The actual museum is located in Barrio J. Vargas), established in 1986 and aimed at teaching children about science, technology, culture and arts.

  • The foundation operates the Children's Museum in an 8,000 m(86,000 ft.)building in the geographical center of Bogota, in which over 23 different modules and hundreds of individual exhibits are housed.

  • In addition to guided tours, the Children's Museum conducts workshops, special vacation programs for children and highly structured events for schools.

  • Another highly important program of the Museum is the "Computer Clubhouse" an international program promoted by the Intel Corporation and the Museum of Science, Boston.

  • "Computer Clubhouse" teaches children of low income families computer skills for computer animation, graphic design, composing and editing, as a mean to close the digital divide in our society.

  • An introduction to robotics is also included in this program.