Beijing Theater Museum
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Art and Culture

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9:00 AM--11:00 AM, 13:00 PM--16:00 PM

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Location :
Beijing, Xuanwu District , China

Display Objects :

The exhibition hall of the theater museum gives a brief history of the development of theater and in the process one can see that the institution of such a huiguan or gathering spot was very important for the development of Peking opera.

Description :

  • This is the most ancient of all of China's extant indoor theaters.

  • The floor space of the first floor measures 568 square meters and the second floor is 328 meters, making a total of 896 square meters for the theater.

  • The stage is 54 square meters.

  • The main structural elements are the two great beams and nine crossbeams that span 11.36 meters, which is rare among buildings in China.