Bagshaw Museum
Museum type :

Established in :

Holidays :
Saterday to Monday

Visiting Hours :
2-5pm Tuesdays & Fridays

Contact No :
01924 326 155

Location :
Yorkshire, England , United Kingdom

Display Objects :

Located in a picturesque park setting, the Bagshaw Museum houses exhibitions of local social history, and objects from Egypt, Asia and Africa, as well as displays of taxidermy.

Description :

There's fun to be had at Kirklees' Museums and Historic Houses. All our sites are aimed at families and there's plenty to keep the children (and the grandchildren) entertained, with the interactive, colourful and exciting displays that bring you closer to your cultural heritage.Bagshaw Museum is a Victorian Gothic former mill owner's home set in 36 acres of parkland in Wilton Park, Batley, West Yorkshire. Built in 1875-1876 for local man George Sheard and his family, it became the 'Wilton Park Museum' in 1911 and in 1927 was renamed Bagshaw Museum after the first Honorary Curator, Walter Bagshaw. The museum houses collections from around the world, including Egyptology, South Asian collections, decorative arts, zoology and local history.