Archaeological Museums
Museum type :
Archaeological Museum

Established in :
13th century

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Contact No :
01 56 52 53 00

Location :
Mahasthangarh , Bangladesh

Display Objects :

A visit to Mahasthangarh site museum will open up for you wide variety of antiquities, ranging from terracotta objects to gold ornaments and coins recovered from the site.

Description :

  • Bangladesh possesses an immensely important cultural heritage. The region is associated with the art of the Pala and Sena dynasties (8th to 13th century).

  • Sculptures of a impressive dimension have been recently unearthed: a bronze Buddha measuring 13 meters in Paharpur in 1982, a Gupta Buddha (from Sarnath) sculpted on both sides at Mahasthan in 1992, a bronze Vajrasattva, 140 meters in height, at Mainamati in 1995, and finally an Avalokitesvara found on the same site of the same material and size.