Amberley Working Museum
Museum type :
Archaeological Museum

Established in :

Holidays :
Thursday - Sunday, Bank Holidays

Visiting Hours :
Tuesday; 10:00-17:30. Wednesday; 10:00-17:30

Contact No :
01798 831370

Location :
West Sussex, England , United Kingdom

Display Objects :

Visitors can see craftspeople working at their trades, including pottery, blacksmithing, broom-making, and walking stick making.

Description :

  • Amberley Working Museum is a 36 acre open-air museum dedicated to the industrial heritage of the south-east.

  • Staffed largely by volunteers, the Museum contains a wide range of exhibits, ranging from transport-based collections, such as the Southdown bus collection & the village garage, to industry-based collections, such as the Print Workshop & Wheelwrights.

  • The Museum is also home to a number of resident craftspeople, who work to traditional methods.